DBKiss – php database browser (mysql, postgresql)

DBKiss – php database browser (mysql, postgresql)

DBKiss is a one-file PHP database browser that is easy to upload and use.

It supports MySQL and PostgreSQL and features import/export of data,

searching of the whole database or single tables, an advanced SQL editor,

saving of templates, multi-query execution with pagination, and more.


Version 1.08:

dbkiss.zip [28 KB] (2010-11-04) see changelog

License: BSD revised (free for any use)
Author: Cezary Tomczak (cagret@gmail.com)
Subscribe to new releases: http://freshmeat.net/projects/dbkiss/

Did you know?

  • That importing data from sql files is about x10 times faster than phpMyAdmin?
    I often had problems with executing sql larger than a few megabytes in phpMyAdmin,
    in most cases scripts hang up and makes it even impossible, using dbkiss
    you can do this in just seconds and it works.
  • That dbkiss is compatible with mysql 3.23 through 5.x, so you can use it even
    on old servers with old mysql version? It also works on php4 and latest php 5.3 with most
    strict error reporting being set.

Sql editor features

  • Precede the query with “@” char (also check “only marked”) and only such will be executed.

    It’s quite useful behaviour mostly found only in desktop database applications where you

    can select part of the queries and execute only them.

  • Ever forgot to put “WHERE” in your UPDATE or DELETE query?

    And catastrophe is ready! DBKiss will detect any queries which are missing

    “WHERE” condition and will inform you. If you still would like to execute such query on all

    records in a table just put “WHERE 1=1” and it will let you do it.

    This feature might save your life someday!


  • Some of the features in the SQL editor require creating ‘dbkiss_sql’ directory,

    where history of queries is kept and other data. If the script has permission

    it will create that directory automatically, otherwise you need to create that

    directory manually and make it writable. At the top of dbkiss.php there is

    defined constant called ‘DBKISS_SQL_DIR’, you can set it to empty ” string,

    so the script won’t try to create/use dbkiss_sql directory, but some of the

    features in the sql editor will not work (templates, pagination).

  • Export of all structure and data does take into account the table name filter on the main page,

    so you can filter the tables that you would like to export.

  • All your history of queries is held in “dbkiss_sql” directory, you don’t even have

    to save queries as templates to access them (but it’s easier), you could just go to that directory

    and use “find in files”. Got some sophisticated set of queries a month ago and need it now

    again? Just search it in that directory and save your lunch!


DBKiss - php database browser - screenshot


1.08 (2010-11-04)

  • date.timezone E_STRICT error fixed

1.07 (2010-08-04)

  • mysql tables with dash in the name generated errors, now all tables in mysql driver are

    enquoted with backtick.

1.06 (2010-07-18)

  • postgresql fix

1.05 (2010-05-21)

  • export of all structure and data does take into account the table name filter on the main page,

    so you can filter the tables that you want to export.

1.04 (2010-02-20)

  • exporting of all structure/data was fixed (ob_gzhandler flush bug)
  • cookies are now set using httponly option

1.03 (2010-02-11)

  • re-created array_walk_recursive for php4 compatibility
  • removed stripping slashes from displayed content
  • added favicon (using base64_encode to store the icon in php code, so it is still one-file database browser)

1.02 (2009-10-24)

  • works with short_open_tag disabled
  • code optimizations/fixes
  • postgresql error fix for large tables

1.01 (2009-xx-xx)

  • fix for mysql 3.23, which doesnt understand “LIMIT x OFFSET z”

1.00 (2009-02-10)

  • bug fixes
  • minor feature enhancements
  • this release is stable and can be used in production environment

0.61 (2008-04-18)

  • upper casing keywords in submitted sql is disabled (it also modified quoted values)
  • sql error when displaying table with 0 rows
  • could not connect to database that had upper case characters




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