520 Grid System – HTML/CSS Framework made for Facebook Page Developers

HTML/CSS Framework made for Facebook Page Developers and Narrow Website Templates Lovers

520 Grid System for Facebook Pages

What is the 520 Grid System?

Nowdays there are milions of Facebook Pages almost about everyting. Facebook Page creators try to impress first-time-visitors but also fans with atractive and useful content in custom made FBML tabs. Because I am one of them also, I always need some quicker and more efficient way to make my FBML content and show it as soon as possible to fans of my Facebook pages.

When I read article “The Simpler CSS Grid” on WebDesignerWall.com I got interesting idea to make a HTML/CSS framework that will be fully functional within the Facebook Static FBML application and helpful in speeding up of prototyping and design process.

I made calculation, tailored the code, zipped it… and there it is. The 520 Grid System.




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