Pros and Cons to Help You Choose a Desk Layout | Apartment Therapy Unplggd


Corner Desk
+ Flexible, fits in difficult room layouts.
+ Great for multi-purpose rooms like kitchens or living rooms.
– Little screen privacy.
– Lost space behind a corner monitor.
– Who wants to look at a corner?


L-Shaped Desk
+ More desktop than a corner desk.
+ Everything is closer than if you were sitting at a long desk of the same length.
+ “Divided” desk space.
– Also loses dead space behind a corner monitor.


U-Shaped Desk
+ Tons of desktop space.
+ “Divided” space.
+ Great orientation for anyone with two monitors or for two people sharing a desk.
– Takes up a big footprint in the room.
– A U-shaped desk designed for one room probably won’t work in another.


Along-the-Wall, Straight Desk
+ Stable desk.
+ Will fit in many rooms and moves well from home to home.
+ The entire desk is usable, no dead space.
+ Can be recycled and put to use in other rooms of the house (i.e. as a dining table).
– No clear delineation to split computer/writing spaces.
– Who wants the wall as their view?


Center-of-the-Room Desk
+ Lots of screen-prying privacy.
– Wire management is a pain.
– If your back is to a window, you’ll be battling glare.


Double-Bar Desks
+ Best of both worlds, since it’s technically two desks (a center desk and a straight wall desk, usually).
+ Tons of desktop space with two separate surfaces.
+ Looks awesome and executive-like.
+ Plenty of storage.
– Requires a lot of dedicated floor space.



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